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What on Earth do we Know about HeavenRauser-What on Earth Do We Know About Heaven

There’s been an upsurge in interest about the afterlife lately, but according to Randal Rauser, we’re too often limited in our concept of what heaven really is. God’s ultimate purpose goes beyond “pie in the sky in the sweet by-and-by.” Rather, the whole creation will be transformed and renewed. “Heaven,” Rauser says, “is earth multiplied by perfection.”

What will that be like? What implications does it have for life now? This eye-opening book takes you through a series of creative and thought-provoking questions, ultimately leading to the biblical vision of a glorious afterlife consisting of a perfected earth, perfected bodies, perfected human culture, and perfected relationships. This stunning picture of the future will also transform how you understand and even live your life in the here and now.


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The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba Diver and Other Apologetics Rabbit Trails

“Rauser’s dialogue brings the best tools of philosophical thinking within the reach of thoughtful believers and skeptics alike. His representative in the conversation knows when to stick to his guns, and when to admit to uncertainty and fallibility. His atheist counterpart is no straw man–he knows his Dawkins, Dennett and Hitchens. Rauser has the philosophical chops to cut through a lot of rhetorical nonsense, but he also has the intellectual honesty to face up to the genuine difficulties confronting his faith. This enjoyable book is a model of candid, winsome, thought-provoking apologetics.”

(Dean Zimmerman, Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University )

See this article on The Swedish Atheist in the magazine “The Bridge.”

Check out this radio interview: Randal on Faith Radio Mornings

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God or Godless. One Atheist. One Christian. Twenty Controversial Questions. (with John W. Loftus)

“This is not a quarrel, nor one of those flame wars of the deaf that rage across cyberspace then spills angrily into print, nor even that stuffy, artificial creation, a ‘religious dialogue.” What we have here is conversation: at times witty, at times tendentious, often humorous and almost always engaged on emotional as well as intellectual levels. Rauser is master of parables with a philosophical point: Loftus makes an art form of heart-on-his-sleeve pragmatism.  Both land blows, yet the book contains hardly a trace of bitterness: at best, it reaches the level of a mythical, Platonic debate in a pub. Almost no one will fully agree with either writer, nor fail to enjoy the rhetorical flow.”

David Marshall, author of The Truth Behind the New Atheism

You're not as Crazy as I ThinkYou’re Not As Crazy As I Think: Dialogue in a World of Loud Voices and Hardened Opinions

A challenge to all Christians to find truth wherever it may be, and whatever the cost.

(Sample chapter available here)

“Make no mistake, Rauser is a Christian apologist and wedded to a system of beliefs that some may consider delusional. But that’s the rub – he’s not delusional. He’s smart, impassioned and, most importantly, he’s a breath of fresh air in a world of loud voices and hardened opinions.” Read the full review here.

The Atheist Missionary  Popular blogger at “The Atheist Missionary”

“In this important book Rauser comes down hard on evangelicals and atheists alike, and I agree with him quite a bit on both scores.” “I highly recommend his book.” Read the full review here.

John Loftus  Author of Why I am Not a Christian and popular blogger at “Debunking Christianity”


Finding God in the ShackFinding God in The Shack

Blasphemous heresy or theological truth?

“If you have ever had a conversation on The Shack, whether with an enthusiast or a critic, you will want to invite this skilled and accessible theologian into the conversation. Before you have read a dozen pages you will know why we need to keep company with theologians. They help us keep our conversations on God intelligent, informed, and irenic.”
Eugene H. Peterson
Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, B.C.

“If you’ve been inspired, challenged, or even threatened by Young’s novel, Finding God in The Shack is like inviting an intelligent, even-handed conversation partner in your home.”
Mike Morrell of Zoeinarnate

“Finding God in the Shack is more than a companion guide. It is as useful as the bestseller it is based on as an exploration of Christian faith today.”
The Good Book Stall

(Audio review available here )

Encontre Deus na Cabana (2nd ed.)Encontre Deus Na Cabana

The best-selling Portuguese translation of Finding God in The Shack.

Faith Lacking UnderstandingFaith Lacking Understanding: Theology Through a Glass Darkly

Can your faith handle unanswered questions?

“One of the many strengths of this tour of the Apostles’ Creed is its reminder that the central beliefs of Christian faith are also mysteries that are beyond our comprehension. Rauser proves to be an excellent guide for this journey.”
John R. Franke
Clemens Professor of Missional Theology, Biblical Seminary, USA

“This exciting volume should be read and pondered by all who care about the nature and content of constructive theology. Bring it on!”
Oliver Crisp
Reader in Theology, University of Bristol

“Rauser will not allow us to be intellectually lazy, but calls us to pursue rigorous orthodoxy from a position of humility. His blend of humour and logic makes reading this book not only insightful, but really enjoyable.”
Kelly M. Kapic
Associate Professor of Theological Studies, Covenant College, USA

“Rauser leads us on a stimulating journey that is both unsettling and yet simultaneously faith-affirming.”
Jason Clark
Founding pastor of Sutton Vineyard, London

randalrauser_book_philChristian Philosophy A-Z

Everything you need to know about Christian philosophy from A-Z

“An extremely useful resource… essential for any undergraduate or public library.”
Stephen J. Shaw
American Reference Books Annual

“An absolutely indispensable resource.”
Randal’s mom

randalrauser_book-theologyTheology in Search of Foundations

Rigorous analytic theology without apology

“In the history of Western thought, Christian theology was once considered to be ‘the Queen of Sciences’. Today it has been marginalised by a prevailing scepticism. Randal Rauser confronts the problem of developing a public voice for the theologian as engaged in true theological science while not compromising the commitment to the Christian community of faith. This book posits a viable account of theological rationality, justification, and knowledge that avoids the twin pitfalls of modern rationalism and postmodern irrationalism. Theology is freshly understood as a rigorous and rational truth-seeking discipline that seeks theoretical understanding of divine reality.”

Throughout the modern era the predominant epistemological position has been classical foundationalism, a position now widely rejected by philosophers and theologians alike. Philosophers recognize that it fails to achieve a plausible account of rationality, justification or knowledge, while theologians recognize the extent to which classical foundationalist strictures have distorted Christian doctrine. In its place many philosophers and theologians alike have adopted a nonfoundationalist epistemology, which is in turn often associated with a problematic alethic and metaphysical antirealism. Engaging with the ideas of key thinkers from Descartes, Locke, and Kant, to Bruce Marshall and Alvin Plantinga, Rauser provides an accessible and provocative survey of the theological terrain of the modern – and postmodern – era, arguing in favour of a return to a moderate foundationalism.

Rauser-Let Reason Be Your GuideLet Reason be Your Guide? A Brief Introduction to Reformed Epistemology

This little book (or big booklet) was originally published by RTSF in Britain in 2002. It has since gone out of print but it is available for download here.