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On William Lane Craig’s Defense of the Canaanite Genocide

This is a series of articles I wrote in response to a podcast by William Lane Craig of Reasonable Faith on “Richard Dawkins and Driving Out the Canaanites.”

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The Tentative Apologist Blog (at The Christian Post)

From March 2009 to October 2010 I was blogging exclusively at The Christian Post website. Either one of these links (above or below) will take you to my old blogsite as the “Tentative Apologist” with archives dating back to March 2009. Since October 2010 I have been blogging here at

 The Crazy Things We Believe

This was a book proposal that no Christian publisher wanted. I cannot imagine why. It was dang good. Well now I’ve made three chapters available to you dear reader. Included below are the introduction, chapter 1 on predation and carnivory in God’s good creation, and chapter 6 on hell.

The Crazy Things We Believe Introduction

Chapter 1 Why did God create carnivores?

Chapter 6 Must Hitler burn forever?