The Journal of Analytic Theology Launches!

Posted on 05/10/13 3 Comments

This may not be a matter of great excitement to you, but it should be.

Today at the Logos Conference at Notre Dame philosopher Michael Rea announced that the new Journal of Analytic Theology launched. You can visit it here:

This is a bona fide academic journal which is available to the general public. (Contrast this with most academic journals which, with annual subscription rates of a hundred bucks, are typically locked up in stuffy libraries.) It features outstanding, peer-reviewed articles in analytic theology, a field that cover the (sometimes rocky) terrain between philosophy of religion and systematic theology. If you are interested in high level, academic discussion on these issues you should definitely add this journal to your favorites.

  • Erroll Treslan

    “This is a bona fide academic journal.” Bring on some more Sokol hoaxes! Analytic theology would seem ripe for the picking.

    • Robert Gressis

      Ha! I’d love for people to try it.

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