The Swedish Atheist, The Scuba Diver and Other Apologetic Rabbit Trails in the IVP Winter Catalogue

Posted on 08/25/12 3 Comments

  • epicurus

    I’m going to sound like a spoiled, want everything now, 21st century person, but I wonder why once a book is written it takes so long to get it ready for sale in book or digital form. (same question regarding your book with John Loftus).

    • Randal Rauser

      One reason is concentrated product launching. If you’re publishing with a small publisher that isn’t doing anything to launch and market the book they can make it available at Amazon at any time. But a mid-size publisher like IVP typically has three major product launches a year. Each one is anchored in a catalogue which is shipped out to suppliers. (The IVP catalogue is shipped to 6000 retailers, schools, etc.) This concentrated synergy allows for a stronger launch for individual books. In addition, in the build up to a book’s release a publisher like IVP takes the time to solicit blurbs, compile a press release which is the basis for interview invitations, etc. Think about an astronomical analogy. When NASA wants to send a probe out of the solar system, they first send it in the opposite direction toward the sun. The extra year or two that this takes may not seem to make sense but as the probe slingshots around the sun it picks up momentum and quickly overtakes the trajectory of a probe sent directly out of the solar system. A similar principle applies here. An extra six months of prep prior to launch will allow the book to go farther and faster.

  • Jerry Shepherd

    Congratulations, comrade. I’ll have to get me an autographed copy!

    (I trust the faculty meeting was fairly painless).