Interview with Dana Pittman

Posted on 08/19/11 6 Comments

Today I had an interview on my books Finding God in the Shack and You’re Not as Crazy as I Think with Dana Pittman from . You can listen to the interview here:

This is my first online radio interview and I must say it is great not to have an interview being interrupted every ten minutes for traffic updates and commercials.

  • Douglas

    Sir, God is not found in The Shack at all not one bit, and prior to regeneration, no one is looking for the God who is aseity. God finds His people through the “true” preaching of the full-orbed, biblical Gospel, and God’s people were chosen by God Himself before the foundations of the world, a decision God made in His own mind, for His own good pleasure before time was a concept to us.. Jew or Gentile, male or female, slave or free, young or old, all without distinction but not all without exception. The decision is not up to us. God’s people respond in faith and repentance as a result and in consequence of the new birth, but fait and repentance are NOT not the cause of the new birth. God is. All glory to God alone and none to man. Regeneration precedes faith, a divine monergistic work of God alone, at a time and place of HIS choosing. The only god/gods to be found in The Shack are man made creations formed in the image of sinful, wicked, totally depraved, radically corrupt man or even worse, demons.

    The Shack — The Missing Art of Evangelical Discernment

    I know you dislike Tim Challies’ excellent review of The Shack don’t you? I believe he is right and you are wrong. Of course you dislike his critique of your misrepresentations of Calvinism as well and Tim and other Reformed Christians are fighting an uphill battle against men like you. To this day you still haven’t answered Tim honestly, openly and forthrightly. Your misrepresentations of Calvinism in your posts on his blog have not been debated or discussed by you. You have avoided them and instead attacked Tim Challies’ integrity among other things.

    What about Dr Michael Youssef’s insights on The Shack: Thirteen Heresies in The Shack ? I believe he is correct.

    You hate Reformed Theology/Calvinism don’t you? You misrepresent Reformed Theology/Calvinism here, there and everywhere, every opportunity you get don’t you? A lot of what I have read of yours proves that to be true. Maybe you need to go <a href=" ( the absolute best theological website on the Internet bar none), and study up on what Calvinism truly is, spend a year at least, prayerfully, carefully and broadmindedly before you continue on in any more wrongheaded, false attacks against Reformed Theology and go to some direct Calvinist/Reformed sources themselves and take Phil Johnson’s sage advice even though you’re not a Calvinist: “My advice to young Calvinists is to learn your theology from the historic mainstream Calvinist authors, not from blogs and discussion forums on the Internet. Some of the forums may be helpful in pointing you to more important resources.

    There are people writing awful, false books against Calvinist/Reformed Christians all the time, ones like this one for an example: “A Cultish Side of Calvinism” by a young whipper snapper called Micah Coate who is being exposed and reproved and corrected by a very godly, honest, careful, LOVING man, James White. “The Worst Book Ever Written Against Calvinism,” yet a book that carries the endorsements of such men as Paige Patterson, George Bryson, Jerry Vines and Tim LaHaye. It is a classic example of “anti-Calvinism Derangement Syndrome, as I documented today, and will continue tomorrow.” Here’s the program. What Micah Coate has written is atrocious and he will be held accountable to God for it if he doesn’t repent of his lies and misrepresentations, just as you will be when you face the Judgement bar of Christ/God in your attacks against Reformed/Calvinistic theology. Scary huh? Unless of course you genuinely repent. Can you? A fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living god. Do you not tremble at HIS word? Do you not freak out at your misrepresentations or are you totally blind and held captive by the devil? God help you Sir, you seem to have no fear of God and in your writings there seem to be NO holiness of God. Awesome: fearful & dreadful. I think you do not truly fear God. If you even know what the fear of God really is and what that entails.

    May the LORD Jesus Christ help you…

    • randal

      Wow, you hold the record for most Reformed links included in a single rant. Congratulations!! You win a lifetime subscription to my blog!!!!!

      (Balloons and confetti fall while all the demons that haunt clap enthusiastically.)

    • Walter

      We shall title the above sermon “Randal in the Hands of an Angry God.” LOL

  • Dana

    Thank you again for joining me.

  • Douglas

    Jesus wept.

    • randal

      Douglas, it is a bit much for you to barge into a conversation with both barrels blazing like an OT prophet and then, after you are summarily dismissed for your self-righteous rudeness, to resort to the pseudo-piety of “Jesus wept”. Gimme a break.